Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snuggly Meows

Caught Mika and Mochi fast asleep in this adorable position and had to capture it. 

Unfortunately it's the only shot I managed to get, since the camera woke Mochi up. 

Such sleepy, sleepy girls, wondering why I'm intruding on their blissful slumber.

Alright, ladies. I'll let you go back to napping now.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Squeaky Clean

The girls caused quite a bit of drama this weekend.

In the approximately half hour span we were gone in the evening on Friday picking up food for dinner, the kitties managed to knock a large and mostly full container of liquid laundry detergent off of the washing machine and onto the floor.


As luck would have it, it landed on the pour spout which burst open from the impact and spilled most of its contents onto our kitchen floor. Not only did it make an unpleasantly large mess and waste quite a few laundry loads worth of detergent, but the girls must have walked through the soap at some point.


Of course soapy paws means a need to get clean so grooming must have commenced. Unfortunately laundry detergent isn't great for digestion, so after Matt and I worked on getting most the soap cleaned up, we noticed Mochi was making weird gurgling noises in her throat while breathing. After some debate and watching her for a bit, we made the dreaded emergency vet call and it was off to Willamette Valley Vet Clinic for Mochi and me while Matt stayed behind to continue scrubbing the suds off the floors (our floors are super clean now!).


An expensive general check up and xray later ended us with a "wait and see" solution coupled with some pills to dissolve and administer via syringe in the mouth to help coat the throat and tummy from further damage. While this was happening I got a call from Matt telling me Mika started exhibiting the same symptoms. Good times, indeed.


The girls are doing much better now. They are still coughing off and on and their meows are really pathetic and raspy/squeaky (kind of like how people sound when they get laryngitis), but they are on the mend. And the laundry soap is now safely stowed under the sink instead of anywhere in the open. Curious kitties make for expensive pets - the lazy ones don't cause near so much damage to themselves incurring expensive after hours vet visits. But that's okay. We love our ladies dearly, so they are worth it.


On the bright side: at least the girls got some good play time in with their new Dollar Tree cat toys before the drama commenced only hours after these pictures.