Mika loves puff balls, the stick end of feather toys, crinkle balls, and attacking her own tail. She tends to squeak instead of meow and likes to ride on my shoulders. She is usually the bolder of the two and quick to purr. Mika likes her harness so much she drags it around the house with her if I forget to put it away. She also has the superior coat in terms of softness and sheen. She really glitters in the light.

Name Meaning: Mika is a Japanese name that has several meanings, but of the options "beautiful flower" or "quick and nimble" suit her best.

Nicknames: Mika Squeaka, Meeks, Mikalicious, Mikachu, Mika-mew, Glitter Cat, Crazy Eyes, Psycho Kitty, Purrface, Meekers, Babydoll, Kitten Cat, Squeaker, Squeakachu
Birthday: August 8, 2010
Color: Brown Spotted
Eyes: Green