Sunday, February 9, 2014


Snowpocalypse. Snowmageddon. Whatever you call it, it's what we seem to be experiencing the past few days here in Oregon, thanks to that crazy polar vortex. Those who live in colder areas of the States will laugh at us West Coasters, but we are not used to it here and we are not prepared for it. Usually when it snows we get maybe 1 or 3 inches, and it's gone the next day, not 1.5 feet. Snow plow? What's that?

Some people here hate the snow, but I love it. It's a novelty to have it in my own yard and not have to drive to a mountain to get it. Sure, it can be inconvenient at times, but I say enjoy it while it lasts, and take extra measures to be safe.

If you look carefully at the picture above, there are people all over that hill in the distance. They have been merrily sledding down the hill every day. It's been delightful to watch.

Mika and Mochi have loved watching the snow fall the past few days and Mika has repeatedly asked us to take her out in it.  She loves the snow, even if she doesn't last too long in it before her kitty toes are frozen and she's ready to warm up.

Mochi, on the other hand, is not quite as keen on the snow. She thinks it is fascinating, but does not appreciate it falling on her head or being wet or having it be deeper than her legs. She'd rather admire it from the window.

That being said, she cannot stand to be left out, so she will brave it for a short while just so she's not missing out. While it looks like she's chest deep in snow, she's actually standing in our footprints. Neither girls wanted to dive into the untouched depths.

Mochi's had enough "fun" and makes a bounding dash for the safety of the house. She'll spend the rest of the afternoon curled up cozily in her heated pet bed (rough life).

Mika only lasts a few minutes more and she's ready to call it a day as well - partly because she's cold, and partly because she can't stand her sister crying about being alone in the house. They are somewhat codependent. 

That oddly shaped lump is my car. We haven't really seen it for a couple of days now and that is fine by me.