Mochi loves meal time and is very vocal about it. She's the talker of the two and has a substantial meow. She also enjoys playing fetch with bell balls, chasing feather toys, splashing and putting toys in her water dish, and staring intently at the faucet when it's on. Petco is her favorite hangout, and she hates when we leave. Her favorite show is Animal Planet's Cats 101. MEOW!

Name Meaning: Mochi is a Japanese rice cake frequently used in sweets/icecream. Being named after a food actually suits her quite well, as meal time is by far her favorite time of the day, the little glutton.

Nicknames: Moch, Meow Cat, Miss Mochi-Moch, Mochers, Meow-chi, Mochi Cat, Doll, Meow Cat, Munchie, Chubs
Birthday: August 8, 2010
Color: Silver Spotted (with tarnish)
Eyes: Green