M&M's Favorites

These are few of Mika and Mochi's favorite things. They wanted me to share them in hopes other kitties will enjoy them as much as they do.

Mika and Mochi eat Solid Gold Indigo Moon and Merrick's Before Grain cat food. Both are grain free.  We have very picky eaters - it took some trial and error to find a cat food they actually liked once they moved off kitten food. The Solid Gold is Mika's absolute favorite, but she likes a change now and then.

Stick Toys
Mochi loves the feather end and Mika loves the stick end. She goes nuts if you drag it across the floor. We get the ones pictured here at Petco.

Large Fur Mice
Light enough to toss around easily, but large enough for full body tackles and wrestles. Perfect. Mika and Mochi actually fought over who got the first one of these. I had to take it away until I bought a second one. You can find them at PetSmart.

Puff Balls/Fur Balls
Great for pouncing, carrying, tossing, chasing, and when your all worn out and done - great for taking to bed with you to snuggle and groom. Or at least that's Mika and Mochi's take on the matter.


Bell/Lattice Balls
Mochi lives for these balls! She actually plays fetch with them. It's pretty cute to see a little Bengal with a ball in her mouth come trotting toward you.


PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper
Safe enough to leave plugged in all winter. The bed stays just above room temperature until there's a body in it, then it warms up quickly, maxing out at 102° F (just 5° above our body temp). Very low power usage. Mika and Mochi LOVE it.


PETCO Premium Ceramic Cat Fountain
Mika and Mochi enjoy this fountain so much that they get upset when it's unplugged for cleaning. Quiet, attractive, sanitary, easy to maintain - it's the perfect fountain. I suggest filling it at least 2/3 full before plugging it in.


Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra
Unscented. Very low dust. Clumps better than anything. Never sticks to the pan. The only con is it tracks easier than some other litters. HOWEVER, it is still easily the best litter I've ever used.