Sunday, February 13, 2011

Addicted to Cats 101

Mochi has never been one to pay much heed to the television, but we flipped to Cats 101 on Animal Planet yesterday just as the Bengal segment was starting and Mochi's eyes instantly flicked over to the screen. They got really big and round and she moved from her bed to sitting perfectly centered directly beneath the TV never once removing her eyes from the screen. She watched Cats 101 for the next hour or so without even flicking her tail. She occasionally would allow herself to be distracted and play during commercials, but as soon as the show was back on, she resumed her position in front of the TV.


I didn't get any pics of her watching the other Bengals on the screen, unfortunately, as my camera was charging upstairs. But I did grab it later on and get some of later segments.






You can see the kitty fort I made for the girls on the tower in the background, too, which they've been enjoying. But that's a post for another day.

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  1. Ha I love that she is sitting there watching TV..what a hoot! Wayne and I got a big kick out of that. Nice fort too...I know Sprinkle would LOVE that since she likes to bury herself in covers. And I can just see Breezy pooping out jumping on my back as I walk by. she's so sneaky!


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