Saturday, August 18, 2012

Snuggly Girls

It's been a bit hot lately, so the girls haven't been quite as snuggly.


The temperature dropped today, though, and I caught them curled up together on "their" recliner.


Couldn't resist snapping a few shots.


They know how to lower the recliner themselves by throwing themselves at the backrest.


It's just an old chair from a thrift store bought while I was in college so I don't mind.
They know that it's their chair.


Apparently Mochi's getting annoyed by the paparazzo circling them while they try to relax.
Mika, however, is far too distracted by whatever is outside to notice.

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  1. The Paparazzi can be a nuisance, but that is life for rich and famous! OK the famous. ( Give Pets to the pets please)


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