Monday, April 25, 2011

Mochi's Weekend Trauma

We had a bit of a kitty emergency this weekend that required a (rather expensive) trip to the 24-hour Willamette Veterinary Hospital. We noticed Mochi was squinting and occasionally rubbing at her left eye. At first we thought she'd just gotten a hair or dust or some other minor irritant in it, but the squinting continued for a few hours. Since we didn't want to risk any permanent eye damage, we took her in late Saturday night.

It's a good thing we did. She somehow had managed to get a scratch on her eye, which we were only able to see when they put a special dye on it that lights up under a blacklight (it also makes the nose light up, since tear ducts are what keep kitty noses moist, so that was kind of neat). Our best guess is that Mika may have accidentally clawed it when they were rough housing (they get pretty wild sometimes).

They gave us a soft Elizabethan collar to keep her from pawing at her eye and some ointment to apply directly on the eye twice a day for week (which, let me tell you, is no easy feat).

WVH (located on 3rd in south town Corvallis) was wonderful, and I would happily recommend them for any pet emergency you may have after usual vet hours. They were very nice and helpful. They even called and let our regular vet know that we had been there. They called me this morning and we have a followup appointment with our usual vet at Corvallis Cat Clinic on Friday.

Matt's been calling Mochi by some new nicknames since she this happened - mainly Winky and Umbrella Cat. Poor Mochi. You can see her patheticness for yourself:

She's not looking too squinty here, but that's because she was curious about what I was doing.

Sad kitty cry.

She's also been sleeping a lot, and super extra affectionate. I'm sure the pain is tiring.


  1. Aw, I'm sorry for Mochi! We had something very similar happen with Mikenna in February. I know the pain and the ... well, $pain$

  2. ahh so sorry to hear about Mochi, this happened once to Sprinkle. She had to wear a cone but one of the hard plastic ones.
    Good to know that she had great care and loving parents.

  3. Very stylish,...

    WVH is great, we haven't been to their new facility yet (luckily), but we use to take our pet rats in when they were on B(?) st. Yes we had a few emergency visits with our rats,... one a broken tail, and two a stepping-on incident,... all worked out well, though Graydl ended up with an "outrigger" tail when he broke it.


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