Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Wanted to squeeze in a kitty post before I take off for Boston tomorrow morning (going to/speaking at an immersive education conference), since I'm a week behind. Didn't want it to turn into yet another week.

For those wondering about Mochi's eye, it's all healed up nicely. She had to wear her collar for a full week, but she was shockingly compliant about it. Once we took it off she went absolutely nuts for about 3 days straight. Furry ball of energy racing around the house full speed. Mochi the blur.

Recently, though, the girls have found a new favorite place to nap: my recliner. They have figured out how to get the back to go down and think it makes a fabulous place to curl up.

Mochi: What? It's not like you were sitting here.

Mika: Ooh. That looks comfy.

Mika waits her turn.

Biiiig kitty smile.

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