Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Digs

Mika: O HAI. Have you missed us?

The past few weeks have flown by in a blur of busy - I was in Boston on a business trip and then came back and signed a lease to a new place and MOVED! Life (and the blog schedule) should pretty much return to normalcy now.

The best part about the new place? Loads of windows for Mika and Mochi.


Their short tower now lives in our dining room.
Gives them easy window access and keeps them off the table. Mostly.


Their favorite spot is the living room window.

Especially when our resident scrub jay is hanging around in the tree outside.
We're thinking about buying him a bird feeder to increase the entertainment factor for the girls.

Of course, they still enjoy their taller tower too.

Peekaboo, Mikachu.

Thanks for posing, girls.

Trying to blend in, Moch?

The first few days they were pretty nervous.

But they seem to be settling in pretty well now.


(PS: If you're wondering about poor Mika's nose, she's had a chronic dry nose issue since we got her. She's otherwise perfectly healthy, so we try to keep it moisturized daily with glycerine per our vet's suggestion, but it leaves her nose a little snotty. I help her clear it very couple days which, as you can imagine, she just looooves. And by love I mean detests.)

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