Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fun with Turrets

Mika and Mochi only got a cheapy fish stick toy from us on Christmas day, since their real present was rather extravagant. (Cheap or not, they adore this new colorful toy and play with it daily. Sorry I don't have any other pics of it at the moment.)

Of course that didn't mean they couldn't get fun Christmas toys from other sources (thanks Mama).

But this post is actually more about one of Matt's gifts from me: the talking Portal Turret from ThinkGeek.


It lights up, talks just like the turrets from the game, and makes shooting noises.

The girls like to be involved in everything. This is the norm. In fact, Mika is standing on my mouse rest right now while I type this and Mochi just curled up next to me in her bed to supervise. They always need to be included!

Mika checks out the turret, set aglow from the red light.

Good thing it's not a real turret, or we'd need replacement cats.

Sniff, sniff, sniff! It's oh so interesting!

Love how high alert Mika's face is here. She looks a little silly/crazy.

I swear I didn't pose them. They just took turns stationing themselves by the turret when it would start making noise.


  1. that is by far the coolest gift ever!!! and i love think geek but i did not see that. i so want one now!


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