Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Wheel

Mika and Mochi's Christmas present arrived today.


The girls don't have nearly as much running around space as they did in our previous house. And now that it's winter, we haven't been spending quite as much time outside. Mika and Mochi have been little furry balls of crazy so we decided to get something to help with that pent up energy.


Mika wasn't sure what to think for about 10 seconds.


I grabbed her favorite stick toy and put her on the wheel, and she almost instantly started walking toward the fish toy.


There are no pictures of Mochi in the wheel, because she is much more uncertain about it. I got her to walk in it a little with much prompting, blocking her exit, and a few inquisitive meows. But as you can see...


...she's more or less keeping her distance for now, but likes to watch Mika. I'm sure she'll warm up to it over the next couple days. Mika's always been the more assertive one when it comes to new things. Mika has been going in and out of the wheel on her own since my first little tutorial with her.


So glad she likes it.


  1. Very cool! I want a BIG one for Teddy :) Mom

  2. Yeah, congratulations on the wheel. Ours rarely stops spinning.

    1. Ours is used several times a day as well. Mika doesn't like to share though. She frequently tries to chase Mochi out of it. Silly sisters.


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