Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where the Pets Go

It's been quite a long while since our last Petco blog post, so I brought along my camera and hoped no one would yell at me for taking pictures in the store (I don't think anyone even noticed - plus most of the regular employees know us now). Mika and Mochi enjoy Petco just as much now as when they were itty bitty.

The tower aisle is their favorite. It always ends up being the aisle we spend the most time in and we come back to it multiple times in one trip.

(Mika, dear, I don't think that feather is big enough to hide you.)

Mika really took to a sisal mouse that was supposed to be attached to one of the towers but wasn't. She flung it all around and then carried off. It was kind of ridiculously cute.

The toy aisle is another favorite. It generally involves a bit of clean up on our part. (Sorry, Petco!)

The trick is keeping them away from the catnip ones. (They actually already own one of those catnip bananas that Mochi is going, well, bananas over.

And of course, the birds are an excellent source of entertainment. Mika likes to chatter at them. It makes them a bit nervous, but seeing as they live in a tiny pet store cage, I imagine they could use a little excitement in their day.

Ultimately, we always end up back in the tower aisle. Mochi tends to wear out sooner than Mika and usually chooses a tower to lounge on before we head home.

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  1. I love the one where Mika is staring at the bird. They all look like they are having a fun trip. That may be a good place to introduce Teddy to them.


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