Friday, December 10, 2010


I started leash training Mika and Mochi about a week after we got them. It started with just harnesses around the house for short bits to let them get used to the feel, then play time with the leashes so they associated them with fun, and finally a trip to my office after hours when there were few people and they could explore freely. Mika took to it instantly, trotting along the corridor excitedly. Mochi cried the whole time, even when she was trotting after Mika.

The second outing was to Petco and involved half as much Mochi meows. Now they both love outings, and Mochi has actually become the more confident one in our leashed outings. They especially love Petco.

Oh, oh, what's over theeerrrre?

Mika's digging the obstacle course laced with feathers.

Peekaboo Mochi!!!

Mika: Why don't we have this many condos at home?!?!
Mochi: OOH. Catnip. Do want.

Now that Mochi is adjusted to the harness, she actually complains the squirms the whole way to the car when we leave the store. There's just too much fun stuff there. Aisles of towers, toys, and food. What more could a kitty want???

If only they would adjust to the car as well. They hate riding in their cage, even if it is spacious and comfy. Lots of MEOW, MEOW, MEOW for most of the trip. Maybe someday they will realize their meowing doesn't make a difference on how fast I drive.


  1. Wow, a PetCo Adventure,... I know Vladi could handle that trip, but T & U might not be so happy.

  2. Starting them so young has helped. I think they think the store is just a distant extension of our house now. :)


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