Monday, July 8, 2013

Meeting Teddy

My parents came down and went out to lunch with Matt and me this weekend and afterwards we spent a bit of time back at our place. My mom's service dog Teddy was with her so we took the opportunity to introduce him to Mika and Mochi while our food digested enough to make room for dessert.

This is Teddy. He's a Labradoodle.

 Run away! Run away!

Just kidding. The girls were totally fine with him. If anything, they spent most of their time ignoring him, probably because they were so excited to be out of the house for a bit. Sniffing every inch of the yard is very important when you're a mostly indoor feline.

Of course, the animals were all smart and spent most of their outdoor time chilling in the shade, while the humans all sweated out in the sunshine talking, snapping pictures, and risking sunburns.


  1. Love these pics...and your story narrative :^)

  2. A wonderful time and wonderful pics. Teddy looks awful happy hanging out with the kitties!

  3. Well this isn't related to these pictures here. But my Bengal cat also has this nose condition! I was super excited to see this posting! So I was wondering what the concentration of the medicine you used?

    1. I use 0.1% Protopic tacrolimus ointment. The prescription was provided by my vet. We are two years into almost daily treatment (occasionally I forget or am out of town and can't do it) and I still have about half or so of the 30g tube left.

      I was hoping that post would end up being helpful to someone. So glad you found it! Good luck with your nose treatment!


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