Friday, December 3, 2010

The Beginning

I've decided to chronicle the lives of my cats, a pair of Bengal sisters named Mika and Mochi (pronounced mee-kah and moh-chee, for those feeling uncertain). It will be a picture heavy blog with anecdotal stories mixed in, as they are absolutely silly little darlings, always getting into mischief.

To get to the present, though, I'd like to start in the past, and where better to start than with Mika and Mochi's gorgeous parents, Breezy (mom) and Sonny (dad).

RW GCH Dadaelis Cool Breeze of Dreamquest:
Breezy-5mo Breezy-15wks
Left: 5 months, Right: 15 weeks

RW SGC Gogees Sonny Daze of Dreamquest:
Sonny-6mo Sonny-4mo
Left: 6 months, Right: 4 months

These lovelies reside with Wayne Trnka of Dreamquest Bengals. If you're looking for a Bengal to add to your family, I highly recommend Dreamquest. Wayne is really nice, really informative guy, and obviously cares a great deal about his cats and with whom his kittens are placed.

I found Wayne through Margie Heil from SnoPride, another wonderful breeder. Her new silver queen was unable to breed though (I wanted two different colors - silver and brown) and after about a year of correspondence and no luck, she recommended Dreamquest to me. Even though I ultimately did not get kittens through her, she totally deserves a shout out.

Wayne sent me updates about the kittens weekly and pictures about every other week and was happy to answer any questions I had. Here are some pictures of my babies before I got them:

3 weeks old:

7 weeks old:
Mika-7wks Mochi-7wks

8 weeks old:

10 weeks old:

Man, do I want one of those cat wheels...

Genetics are strong: as they've grown, Mika looks more and more like her daddy, and Mochi's face is so much like her mom's. That will become more apparent in future posts.


  1. Thank you for the nice comments about Wayne, he very much loves the cats and does try to be well informed so he can help others know what they may need or want to know about the breed.

  2. We had a great experience with Wayne and are loving our babies, so it's only natural to give him praise for his part in it.

    Glad you guys found and are looking at the blog. Keep in touch. :D


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