Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Pick-Up

The weekend we picked up the kittens was without a doubt a very cat-filled weekend. Someone local to us had been cat-sitting our Navy friend's pair of cats for about a month while he transitioned from Oahu to his new station in Bremerton, WA. We agreed to return his cats the same weekend as we were to pick up ours.

It was a nightmare of a weekend as far as driving was concerned.

The calico cat, Kira, was quite calm and just stayed curled up in her carrier watching us through the openings. Toby, a fluffy black male, would have nothing to do with calmness. He spent the whole 5 hours flailing around in his cat carrier and wailing loudly.

This would have been all fine and well and bearable, except that when we picked up our own little darlings...

Mika wailed nearly the whole drive back, high-pitched and deafening. Our nerves were pretty worn down by the end of the trip, to say the least. At least she didn't pair it with flailing. And unlike Toby, there were moments of quiet, even if brief.

GoingHome GoingHome2


Still, even that could not dampen my excitement at having this beautiful pair of Bengals. Pictures did not (and still do not) do their beauty justice. The markings, coloring, and sheen of their coat is much more amazing in person. The rabbit-like softness is a nice added bonus.

13 weeks old, and their first day in our house:



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  1. That is a "fun" trip from Seattle,... >;-)

    Our boys "sung" all the way to Portland.


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