Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the Love of Water

Water is an endless form of entertainment for Mika and Mochi. They constantly are dropping their toys into their drinking fountain. They come running when the faucet or shower is turned on.

They get upset when their fountain is not turned on.


We have this great ceramic fountain from Petco that the cats just love (I highly recommend it - its large enough for multiple cats, attractive, filtered, and virtually silent). Mika and Mochi get quite upset when it gets turned off for cleaning. I don't plug it back in until there is enough water in it. It's large enough that it needs about two pitchers worth from our little Pur pitcher, and the whole time it's unplugged they stare at where the water usually bubbles up and occasionally bat at it, trying to make it go. They give me this look like they are enduring unreasonable suffering.

The moment I plug it in tails are up with ecstatic joy and they are drinking like there's no tomorrow and playing in the water with their paws, not even noticing that they are dousing themselves and each other with water.

HOORAY the drought is over!

My cats are, perhaps, slightly melodramatic.

Every morning and every evening they also request that the faucet be turned on in the bathroom - especially Mochi. She loves to stare at it.




Occasionally Mika hops into the foot the shower when its on, but the moment she's sprayed, she's out again. After that, peeking her head around the curtain on occasion suffices.

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